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Nowhere along the great wall of the Alps are the mountains more spectacular than the main ridge of the Bernese Oberland – Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains – known as the Diamond Peaks.


We’ll fly you alongside these great mountains.

 During the evening if there’s not much cloud and likely to be an Alpengluhn -

when the mountains turn pink then rose.

Should clouds blanket the snow caps we will show you old Bern - Switzerland's fairy tale capital - during the afternoon, rather than the following morning.

Spend a convivial evening and stay the night at a renowned village inn.

And fly beside the Alps next morning before the clouds cover the main peaks.

Stay more days if you wish.


Summer morning beside the Wetterhorn's shoulder and the Shreckhorn's summit 13380 feet with the more distant although higher Finsteraarhorn at 14102 feet soaring towards the swift climbing sun.

Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains - 13026 feet, 13449 feet, and 13642 feet - on a perfect morning for aerial photos.

The Lake of Thun with the charming town of Interlaken at the lower right corner.


The Eiger Nord Wand  - the world famous north wall - hidden by afternoon clouds and incredibly difficult to climb because towering for hundreds of feet, the rock face overhangs beyond vertical.



We’ll fly you down to Switzerland’s fairy tale capital, Bern, where our guide will show you the city.

For eight hundred years the Bernese have championed Swiss independence and democracy. A record only broken by a brief period under Napoleon's rule.

The original wooden city burned down five hundred years ago and was rebuilt from stone though preserving all its streets and picturesque customs such as the arcades for the traditional street traders.

Bern's wealth came from the best farmland in Switzerland and some of the most feared warriors in Europe. Many served as mercenaries but their greatest achievement was to stake out and preserve the early Swiss Confederation, safeguard its freedom from domination, worse rule by powerful neighbours - the Hapsburgs, Burgundy and France.

Canton Bern's famous hero, Adrian von Bubenburg from Spiez by the Lake of Thun, defeated Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy in 1476 - annihilated is probably more accurate - beside the Lake of Murten. Eye witness accounts tell of the huge lake turning red.

Many other charming places and some magnificent scenery, all off the tourist trail, require a few more days, but are well worth setting aside the time.


Marktgasse showing the famous arcades and the ancient Zeitglocke bestriding an original gateway into the medieval city.


Bern's most famous residents after whom the city is named. Bears have been kept in the city for hundreds of years.


The main face of the 13642 feet Jungfrau with its frontal twin peaks.

The Jungfrau basking in the winter afternoon sunshine.

What lies behind the mountain wall. Photo taken Adrian's son - Julian - when aged nine. Have a look at to see what he photographs today.


Take off early and you might catch the Swiss.

The local mountain rescue helicopter passing the base of the Jungfrau, a grim shoulder resembling a massive wall and known locally as the Black Monk.


Every few yards Bern reveals another small secret.



Known throughout Switzerland for its elegant shops, art galleries and restaurants all discreetly veiled by the fifteenth century arcades.


Adrian has dined, wined and stayed at this friendly old inn for more than thirty years. Recently all the guest rooms were tastefully modernised while keeping the eighteenth century charm of the old hotel.

The food and wine are well known as some of the very best around Switzerland's capital.  

Although in the country the hotel is only fifteen minutes from the airport and ten minutes from the heart of old Bern.



The outward flight route passes over many historic places - to name only the battlefields - Dieppe, Agincourt, Crecy, Vimy Ridge, Saint Quentin, Chemin des Dames and Rhiems, Valmy, the Argonne Forest and Verdun. And the return flight passes over Bastogne and the Ardennes, Waterloo - air traffic permitting! - Oudenarde and Dunkirk.

We deliver you to your London hotel the following evening. Unless, of course, you wish to finish your flying tour at another European city.



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